Why Faithful Finances

Janae Pollard is the Accountant and Founder of Faithful Finances, LLC, a company dedicated to economic empowerment. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Florida A&M University, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of North Florida, a tax career spanning 11 years, and a decade in corporate Accounting, Janae has helped 100’s of individuals and business owners manage their money.

The vision for Faithful Finances was born from the need for more black accountants with integrity in black communities. Janae got her start in the tax industry at Florida A & M University, where she volunteered for VITA before working at a local CPA firm and then various tax offices around the nation. Taking the tax laws to her own advantage, she started Faithful Finances, LLC in August 2019. Janae brings a wealth of knowledge and an impressive tenure to her practice.

Janae is on a mission to impart valuable financial implementation and strategic insights, equipping clients with the wisdom to extend the benefits of her services well beyond the tax season. Her fervent commitment to economic empowerment fuels a business model attuned to the real needs of her community, inspired by the belief in financial stewardship as a path to more effortless wealth management. A passionate advocate of meticulous financial analysis, Janae’s mantra of “running the numbers” is more than a strategy—it’s a promise of dedicated partnership and smarter money management for her clients. Trust in Janae’s expert guidance—she’s the ally every entrepreneur seeks in their financial journey.

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Partner with Us!

We partner with qualified financial professionals to assist our clients in their financial jounrey. If you are an industry or subject matter expert and have an interest in partnering with us, please send an email to info@myfaithfulfinances.com with the subject line “Referral Partnership”. Professional Service Providers include:

  • Personal Credit Specialist
  • Business Credit Specialist
  • CPA’s and Auditors
  • Lawyers, Trust and Estate Planner
  • Payroll Service Providers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Investors